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Buddhi Rangana

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I'm Passionate about new technologies, Inspiring people and Motivating teams as a leader to achieve goals. I believe that, If we can change the way we see the world, we can change the world we see.

Buddhi Rangana
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I'm Passionate about new technologies, Inspiring people and Motivating teams as a leader to achieve goals. I believe that, If we can Change the way we see the world, we can change the world we see.

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Some Lines About My Self

About Me

Tech Enthusiastic, Tech Blogger, Content Creator, Web Developer,
Social Media Strategist & Geek

Buddhi Rangana

Hey, I'm Buddhi, Also a Web Developer, Tech Blogger, Tech Enthusiastic and Content Creator. I serves as the Information System Assistant at the Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies (NIIBS). I'm a passionate learner who's always willing to learn and work across technologies.

  • Name: Buddhi Rangana
  • Email: info.buddhirangana@gmail.com
  • Address: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Web Design


Graphics Design


Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Email Address :

Main Email : info.buddhirangana@gmail.com

Portfolio Website :

Website : buddhirangana.github.io

Sinhala Tech News Website :

Website : tecroom.lk
what i offer you


We can call this as Services. I offer a range of creative digital services, including Design, Development & Digital Marketing.

Web Design

Your website will look beautiful and user-friendly if you manage to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Graphics Design

I offer a range of graphic design services, such as branding, logo, website mock-up and all other designs for print and media.


As someone who stays current with technology. I write for tecroom.lk, where I've contributed to over 160 articles.

Technical Analysis

I can support you on picking the best tech stack for your startup product, your brand or for your next business idea.

Social Media Consultant

I combine my knowledge and experience in social media to give others the right advice on the use of social media.

Digital Media Management

I have the knowledge and experience to manage many aspects of digital media, including social media.

About My Experience & Education


I believe that being able to identify and articulate the skills you have, and the skills you need to develop is an essential part of self-awareness and lifelong learning.


2022 - Present

Social Media Manager & Web Administrator

ChineseFor.LK & NIIBS Book Store
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2021 - Present

Information System Assistant

Nāgānanda International Institute For Buddhist Studies (NIIBS)
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2020 - Present

Editer & Web Administrator

Ven. Dr. Bodagama Chandima Nayaka Thero
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2020 - Present

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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University of Moratuwa

Trainee Full Stack Developer
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2019 - 2020

Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies (NIIBS)

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
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2016 - 2018

Biyagama Central College

G.C.E. Advanced Level (A/L)
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2005 - 2015

Pilapitiya President College

G.C.E. Ordinary Level (O/L)
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My Valuable Certifications


Here are some of the most valuable certificates I have received so far.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Google Analytics for Beginners
Marketing on Facebook

Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations
Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity
Trainee Full Stack Developer - UOM
Some Samples From My Lecent Project

Latest Works

Here are some of the Web Development, Logo Design and Open Source projects I have completed so far.

Branding, Web Develop


Branding, Web Develop


Weird Hubs
Branding, Web Develop

Weird Hubs

Permalink Generator
Open Source, Web Develop

Permalink Generator

Spicy Corner
Open Source, Web Develop

Spicy Corner

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader
Open Source, Web Develop

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Life With RU
Branding, Graphic Design

Life With RU

Vibex Store
Branding, Graphic Design

Vibex Store

Navi Cake Creations
Branding, Graphic Design

Navi Cake Creations

Ape Pituva
Branding, Graphic Design

Ape Pituva

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What saye's Our Clients


Clients praise me for my great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery.

" Buddhi is a reliable, efficient, extremely dedicated individual. He is a delight to work with, very professional, absolutely smart and hard working."

Ven. Pasgoda Sumiththa Thero

Ven. Pasgoda Sumiththa Thero Founder of ChineseFor.LK

" A person with creative abilities, well-versed in his subject and completing the work he undertakes well before the scheduled time is also highly appreciated."

Rishani Upeksha

Rishani Upeksha Content creator & Founder of Life With RU

" Buddhi has always delivered when it comes to web-based solutions, not only for myself on www.weirdhubs.com but for my company websites too. I am sure this guy will go a long way in the field of web development and technology."

Pasindu Perera

Pasindu Perera Freelancer

" I am very happy that I chossed Buddhi to create my logo. From the beginning and through the whole process he has always been very professional. With his creative ideas, his endurance and experience he designed my logo."

Goro Chala

Goro Chala Founder of Vibex Store

" I really like about Buddhi that he is a perfectionist like I am. He tried everything until I was completely happy with the logo. I would also like to mention that he is very reliable, gets the job done fast and was really fun to work with."

Navithma Santhilini

Navithma Santhilini Founder of Navi Cake Creations

" Buddhi is a very talented person. He has a very good heart and is very friendly. I contacted Buddhi to get to a social media issue. Less than a day after handing over the work, the work was done. I recommend buddhi that any work can be done very quickly."

Kumara Sri

Kumara Sri Freelancer & Content creator

Recent Blog

Latest Blog

Here is my latest updates on TEC ROOM sinhala tech news website.

Video Editing වලට නොමිලයේ ලබාදෙන DaVinci Resolve Software එක
23 Oct, 2022

Video Editing වලට නොමිලයේ ලබාදෙන DaVinci Resolve Software එක.

ඉතින් අද අප මේ ලිපියෙන් කතාබහ කිරීමට බලාපොරොත්තු වන්නේ සම්පූර්ණයෙන්ම නොමිලයේ අපගේ පරිගනකයට ස්තාපනය…

Blogging වලට WordPress වලට වඩා හොඳ Ghost
08 Oct, 2022

Blogging වලට WordPress වලට වඩා හොඳ Ghost.

Content Management System ගැන කතා කරනකොටම ගොඩක් දෙනෙක්ට ඉස්සල්ලම මතක් වෙන්නේ WordPress CMS එක. Ghost කියන්නේ WordPress වලට විකල්පයක්…

බිලියන ගණනක් ගීත නොමිලේ ඇසිය හැකි Spotify
25 Sep, 2022

බිලියන ගණනක් ගීත නොමිලේ ඇසිය හැකි Spotify.

ශ්‍රි ලංකාවේ සිටින බොහෝ පිරිසක් හුරු වි සිටින්නේ තමන්ට ගීතයක් ඇසීමට අවශ්‍ය වූ විට ඒ ගීතය YouTube සේවාව හරහා ගොස් නැරඹීමට හා ඇසීමටයි…

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